Friday, April 7, 2017

Recount Writing - Rugby in Okaihau.

I am learning to use the correct structure and language for Recount Writing.
Rugby in Okaihau.
Yahoo on a lovely Saturday me and my team Tautoro Titans went to Okaihau to play rugby. It was terrific because we were allowed to tackle. We were only allowed to tackle people because it was tackle rugby.
First we versed Okaihau and they were hard because they had fast people. The fast people always got a try  and some slow people got a try. We stopped heaps of times because we had to do a line out. Next we versed Kerikeri. It was marvelous and outstanding. Rangamarama grabbed a boy and tackled him so he couldn’t get a try. After that we had to do a scrum because both of the teams were fighting over the ball. While they were fighting the referee  blew the whistle and said we had to have a scrum. So then we did. I thought we were going to win but we lost. My team and I were running as fast as we could. It was hard. Next we got tackled.      
Then it was getting even harder. It was getting hot but it was excellent. I was running so fast that my legs felt like jelly. They felt so wobbly and I was shaking. After that it was our turn to kick  the ball. The other team tried to get the ball but they couldn’t catch the ball because VJ kicked it so high.
We lost our games but at least we had fun.
I loved playing rugby in Okaihau on Saturday.