Thursday, December 27, 2018

Week 2 Day 1

Activity 1
This is My Favourite Summer Activity It Is My Favourite Because I Get To Learn New Facts About NZ.

Activity 2
 Marta I have chosen Marta because she is very funny she will also make sure that she is safe.
Tehanah I have chosen Tehanah because she is a fast cycler.
Kura I have chosen Kura because She loves cycling aswell.

Activty 3






Friday, December 21, 2018

Week 1 Day 5 Of The SLJ

Activity 1
I think Loggers Should stop cutting down trees because they are a very beautiful part of nature I also think That loggers should stop cutting down trees not only because they are nature but when it is hot you can sit under the tree to stay cool.

Activity 2
Dear Mum
I Have Just came back from a Trip to Trunda and it is freezing down there and it is treeless - Below the top soil, the ground is permanently frozen all  around Tundra Is near the north pole and it is very freezing it covers a fifth of the earths surface also during  the cold winter months. There  is another region called alpine tundra, which is found on the top of the freezing cold mountains. 

Activity 3

I Love living in New Zealand  it is so Great the oceans are beautiful the nature is amazing and to the people who have not been to NZ let me tell You if you were here in NZ you wouldn't want to leave and here is some photos of Auckland city New Zealand And also Wellington New Zealand the first photo is Auckland And the second photo is Wellington. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Week 1 Day 4 Of The SLJ

                                                              Activity 1

Sir Edmund Hillary Was It Cold Climbing That Mountain?
Did You Get Tired?
Did You See any Animals While You were walking Up those Mountains?
Was anybody Else With You?
Did The view Look like the best thing you Have ever?

                                                             Activity 2

My Favourite Food Is Crispy Noodles
2 Cups Of Boiling Noodles
3 Tablespoons of Cornflour
Oil, for deep frying
It needs to be cooking For 15 Minutes
                                                             Activity 3
If I Had the Opportunity To Build A Hotel I would Build it in Pukekohe which is in Auckland City
New Zealand To build The Hotel I would Use Bricks And wood.
And this is what it is kinda going to look like.


Week 1 Day 3 Of The SLJ

Activity 3
The Animal I have Chose Is an Freshwater Seal.
The Saimaa Ringed Seal is one of the Most Endangered Seals In the world.There Is about 360 Singles left the seal gives birth in a private place it digs into the snowbank. And if there is No snow banks the pups are born on the open  ice and they don't have any protection against predators, cold and human disturbance. And most of the pups could die people build snow banks for the seals it is wonderful that people are helping endangered Marine Mammals.
To Help The Freshwater Seals The people are making snow banks for them.Freshwater Seals Do not Have protectors.

Week 1 Day 3 Of The SLJ

Activity 2

I would Not Like to Be A Doc Ranger.

Week 1 Day 3 Of The SLJ

Activity 1

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Week 1 Day 2 Of The SLJ

Tane Mahuta

Activity 1

I have never been to Tane Mahuta. But I learnt that Tane mahuta is more than 51 meters tall.

Activity 2

My First Picture Is the Silver ferns Netball Team
My Second Picture is The  Silver Ferns Rugby Team
My Final Picture Is a Picture of a Silver fern women Rugby Player

Activity 3

My cactus will need 1095 ML of water per year to survive.
Here are workings to help figure this maths question.

Week 1 Of My Summer Learning Journey

Day 1 Of my  Summer learning journey.
Activity 1
Out of the 20 facts I read, here is my 3 facts

 1. Tane Mahuta is The Lord Of The Forest. 2. Tane Mahuta Is 51 Metres High
3. Tane Mahuta  Is The Biggest Kauri Tree

Activity 2.

My Hometown Is Kaikohe. The Special thing about  my town is our environment because In the environment we meet Taurus we also have amazing parks and beautiful Supermarkets We also Have an Community pool that people swim in almost everyday we also have an huge rugby field which is an community field It is called Lindvart Park I think That I live in a very special place because in some other places there is not as much things as there is here in Kaikohe.

Activity 3 

12 Tips

  • Never Share Password
  • Never Give personal information to Strangers
  • Never accept a friend request from a stranger
  • Keep a  Positive Footprint
  • Only send Photos to Family members not strangers
  • Never Trust Strangers
  • Never talk to Strangers
  • Keep your Personal Information of Social Media
  • Use Privacy Settings
  • Don't Overshare Your Personal Information.
  • No drinking or eating Around your Chromebook
  • And Last of all be Cybersmart.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Elf Yourself.

This Morning Whaea Tania Came into our class and she said we have 4 choices we can make an animation on either scratch junior google drawing or make an animation the other choice was to do elf yourself. Elf yourself is an app where you take a photo of yourself and you turn into an elf and after you take a photo you push next and then you will go to a dancing page where you make yourself dance.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Comment Of The Week.😊 😋

Today I commented on Harmani's blog the task that I commented on was Her Mearsurment.

Hour Of Code

Today we were coding on scratch junior I choose to do  dance party. Dance party Is  were you make animals dance I chose a cat to dance I also chose a song for my cat to dance to. The song is Called No Tears Left to Cry  my cat is going to do the floss, the fresh here are some screenshots and a video  hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Today whaea Tania came into our classroom It was so fun today, we were exploring goggle earth one of whaea Tania's questions were what s the populations down below we used  google forms and graphs.  

Monday, August 20, 2018

My Hook

Cross country.

The Final Tautoro School Cross country.

Bang! I heard the blocks smash together and I also knew it was my turn to run so off I ran I was Running with Angel-Rose We were running to the corner as soon as we got to the corner we started jogging we were half way on the course my legs already felt like jelly It was like i was having a shower of lava that's how hot it was but really I hate cross country and  I was also thinking to myself OMG I can't believe my teacher is making me do this this is so hard I honestly hate doing cross country Me and Angel-Rose we running up the hill and vj was behind us so I said to Angel “Lets run” she said “Ok” so we ran away from vj her legs and my legs felt like wobbly jelly so we also ran down the hill as soon as we got down the hill here is a photo of me and Angel-Rose running. When me and Angel where running to the finish line me and Angel-Rose heard people shouting out go go go Sally go go go Angel-Rose whae Stacy said first one to high five I  was the first one to touch her hand I was egsostid after that race.`

Friday, August 17, 2018

Class survey

Today We used google forms to create a survey as part of our statics unit.

Together we asked question and sent the  link to our class

I found out that half of my class  favourite subject is  maths.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Matariki Storyboard

My Holiday

My Holidays

WALT: Write a recount of one specific moment during my school holidays.
  • A title
  • A orientation - Who, what, when, where, how, why
  • Fantastic language - time words, past tense, vivid verbs/vocabulary
  • Proofread/buddy checked my draft - punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • A conclusion to wrap everything up.
  • A plan of the key points I will talk about.

My Plan: (10 mins)
At 90 Mile Beach.

Start here:
At 90 Mile Beach.

On Thursday afternoon my cousins and I went to 90 Mile beach with my aunty My auntys Name is Renee and my cousins names are Rewi,Tautari . We went to the beach because It was hot and we wanted to have a swim at the beach so off we went. As soon as we got to the beach we went to the changing rooms to get changed into our swiming clothes. When we were finished putting our clothes on we  slowly climbed down the rocks so we could go for a swim. As soon as we got onto the sand. The first thing my cousins did was ran band dived into the water and started swimming. I walked and I did not dive into the water I stood at the front of the beach instead of getting my whole body wet I only got my feet wet. After that I just sat on the sand and then suddenly I heard my name it was  my cousins calling out to me. My cousins were around the side they yelled out my name and I went to them they said. “Look we found a rock pool” I said “cool” and then my cousin said “ we even found a spa. I said “Were is it I want to see it and I want to feel it” I put my felt In there spa and It was not a spa because It was freezing cold well to me it was to my cousins it wasn’t my cousins liked it they said come  jump in its warm. They only thought it was warm because they were in a different pool. After that it started getting cold and it was getting windy so I said “ i'm Going To go Sit In the car” I fell a sleep in the car. When I woke up my cousins we already in the car as soon as we left. We were almost In the middle of town and then this man said “your bag is hanging out the door” and then My cousin opened his door and then we said “ Thank you” To the Man.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Creating Animation

WALT: Create a short clip using stop motion .

SC: I will
Make short movements for each shot

What I learnt was making sure that y hands and m hair wasn't in any of the clips we had to do.

What worked really well was when we had to sculpt our humans
To me I think trying to  put the movie together was probably the hardest

Friday, June 15, 2018

Speech Critique

Thinking about My speech!!!

Well this morning my class and I were practising our speech in front of the class and in front of the teacher I felt very nervous and everybody was so nervous because everybody wa looking at them and then whaea gaylene had to choose 3 people to participate and It Was Angel-Rose, Khol-lee, Kaya,Tristan,Vj,Tehanah and Heaven

Bullying is not good for our Environment and  that is why I  chose this topic, do you agree with me because I totally agree that bullying should be band and I think It should be A crime. I talked about bullying The challenging part was trying not to get distracted I made sure that I used eye contact.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

1 Hour Coding

We have been learning to code.  The coding I chose was Minecraft
I enjoyed Playing Minecraft
It was challenging when we had to do the last stage

I needed help with getting the gems
It took me 1 hour to finish the 8 stages.  When I finished at stages 8.  I took screenshots as I worked my way through the stages.  When you look at the screenshots you can see how I used blocks to create the code which made my learning good and easier to pass levels, here are some screen shots.