Monday, July 31, 2017

Recount Writing - At the Marae.

I am learning to use the correct structure and language for recount writing.
At the Marae.
Yahoo! On a lovely Saturday afternoon my family and I went to the marae so my mum can have a meeting. We went in our car.  The marae was in Tautoro. The marae is called Te Riingi. My brother and my sister were there. Waihemonga and Rangi were there as well.
I felt excited. The day was as hot as a kettle boiling. My brother found a ball and then he said, “Who wants to play with the ball.”
Me and my sister said, “Yes Please.” Then we played master’s.
To play master someone has to be master and the other people have to line up and wait for their turn. When it is their turn they have to try and get the master out.That's how you play master.  It was my turn. Sheaandra was master. I got Sheandra out because I threw the ball and got it into the hoop and got a point. I said to myself, “Yay I got a point.” I felt thrilled.  It was a good day at the marae. When we were playing master and other games we had fun. We even played stuck in the mud. To play stuck in the mud some one has to be in. And the other people have to try and run away and if the person who is in tags you, you are stuck in the mud and if you want someone to free you someone has to crawl under your legs to free you first. I said to myself, “Stuck in the mud is a really fun game.”

You should try playing stuck in the mud.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Monday, July 3, 2017

Recount Writing-Rippa Rugby

WALT add details to help our readers understand our story.
You can also add interesting words, talking, similes, feelings and thoughts.

I went to rippa rugby.
Yahoo! On Thursday morning my school and I went to the Kaikohe rugby fields to play rippa rugby. We were  having fun.
I felt excited to play.
When we got to the rugby fields we saw lots of teams.
I said to myself, “Whoa that is a lot of people.”
The first thing I did was practice passing the ball around and ripping tags. I felt cheerful and good.
Next I went to go have a meeting with the other schools and we were talking about the rules of the game.
I said to myself, “This is going to be a good game.”
I felt pumped and keen to play rippa rugby.
The day was as hot as a kettle boiling
After that, the game started and we did rock paper scissors to decide who got the ball first. The other team won and they got the ball first.
I felt confident when I was on the field.   
We had four games. We won all of our games.  
I felt proud of my team. We got into the finals.
For the final challenge we played against Okaihau. It was an easy game. We won. The score was 9-1. Yay! We were the champions for the Year 5’s.
I said, “Yay, we won.” I was so happy.
I thought it was a cool day.