Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Reading For This Week

Boy on a Bike Monday Read page 3 , 4 and 5. Make a copy then answer questions. Who did Mac want to raise money for? St John 2. Where was he starting his ride from? Cape Reinga 3. Where was he finishing his ride? Wellington 4. What was the safest bike for Mac to use? Fat Bike 5. What was the name of the book Mac waved in front of his parents? It was a guide book for cycling around New Zealand. 6. Where do you think Mac lives? Kaitaia or Cape reinga.

Artwork With Whaea Annie

16 March 2019 Last week Room 3 read a story called The Tree Hut Treaty. After that we got given some tasks. Our first task was to draw a picture of the tree hut. Our second task was to write down what our favourite part of the book is or what the reader was trying to say. So I think that the most important part of the story is learning about the treaty because a treaty keeps everybody safe and happy.

Artwork with Whaea Chanella

8.3.19 WALT: create a piece of artwork using crayon and dye and this artwork is called Batik artwork. This morning we created a piece of artwork using Crayon and dye. Firstly,we watched a video about lady drawing a fish and teaching us how to draw a fish. Then we were given an a4 piece of paper to draw our fish. We drew our fish with pencil first and then we chose three colours to colour over the pencil. Next we outlined it with black crayon to make it stand out. Once this was done we scrunched up our paper twice and then put black dye over the top. After that we wrote out our walt on a piece of paper.