Sunday, December 10, 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tautoro School

Why I like Tautoro school.
I want to talk about how amazing Tautoro school is.
Firstly I think Tautoro school is a fantastic learning school  because we get to have lots of teachers and we get lots of visitors that help us learn, like Whaea Hilary. She  helps us with our reading and we also get Whaea Janet. She helps us with our spelling and she helps us with many other things.  We also have Mrs Graham who helps us with reading and she helps us with tests.
We play sports with Matua Matt. We play Rippa Rugby, Tackle Rugby, Soccer, Touch and many other sports.

Secondly  I think Tautoro school is a fantastic learning school because we get to do dance with Whaea Dorothy We learn new dance skills.

Another reason  I think Tautoro school is a fantastic learning school is because we learn how to plant seeds with Whaea Hera and we learn about the seeds and how they grow.  

Finally I think Tautoro School is a fantastic learning school because  at Tautoro school we learn how to achieve our learning goals and we also learn amazing new learning skills.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Recount Writing - At the Christmas parade.

WALT use the correct structure and language for recount writing.
At the Christmas parade.
Yahoo! On a lovely Saturday morning my family and I went to the Christmas parade.
It was in the main street of Kaikohe.
First I saw  fire engines and lots of the other floats.
I thought it was going to be boring but it was fun.
Next I saw people dressed up as fairies. They were the people giving the lollies out. There were lots of people there.
Later on my mum said, “Let's go to the rugby field and look at the stalls.” When we got to the rugby field my mum said, “Oh that's right we have hangi in the back. We could sell them.” Me and my cousin said, “Ok.” So we grabbed the hangi out and we grabbed the sign and the table out and  we set up our stall. When our stall was set up, we started to sell the hangi. Later on we had no more hangi.
Then we went for a walk to look at the other stalls and the rides. There were lots of kids on the bouncy castle. I thought it was going to pop. But more and more people                                                                                got on and it did not pop. I felt very nervous because there were even babies on the bouncy castle.
Finally I said to my mum, “Mum it is as hot as the pot boiling.” My mum said, “Let’s go home.” My cousin and I said, “Ok.”

Friday, December 1, 2017

Seed to Feed

Seed to feed.
In room 3 we have been learning about plants. When we started to plant the seeds  I felt nervous but then we finally started to grow the seeds. The first thing we had  to do was half  fill the container  up with soil. Then we put the seeds in the middle of the container and then cover the seeds with soil and we also had to water them and wait for the seeds to germinate. While we waited we watered them and when they were finished growing we had to bring them to the class from the garden.  We put the plants  on the table ready to sell at the Tautoro school market.

The plants we have to sell are  Tomato, Rhubarb, Nasturtium, Sunflowers, carrot, Beetroot and many more.

Here is a photo. Doesn’t this look awesome! We will be selling the plants for $1 and we are also selling clothes for $2 each. We might make $200 I reckon. Hopefully we make $200 or more for our class. We will be making a BIG PROFIT.