Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recount Writing-I went to the Park

WALT add details to help our readers understand our story.

I also added interesting words, talking, similes, feelings and thoughts.

I went to the park.
On a lovely Saturday afternoon my family and I went to the park in our car. The park was in Kaikohe.  We went to the park to have fun. I felt  pumped to play on the park because I love playing on the swing.
When we got to the park I saw lots of things to play on.
I said to myself, “Hmmm which one should I play on first?” I said, “Yes I can play on the swing.”
The first thing I did at the park was to play on the swing. I was swinging higher and higher like a monkey swinging on a branch.
I felt happy and  thrilled.
Next I zoomed to the monkey bars. It was a blazing hot day.
I said, “Mum look at me, I’m going back and forwards. She said, “Cool.” I felt like it was my birthday.
After that I went to play on the swing again. It was fun on the swing. I felt happy and excited when we were playing at the park in Kaikohe.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Recount Writing-Joeche's birthday

WALT add detail to help our readers to understand our story.
At Joeche's. Birthday
Yahoo! On a lovely Saturday afternoon my family and I went to Joeche's birthday. His birthday was at Andy’s house. It was exciting at Joeche's because there was a bouncy castle. First I went on the bouncy castle and bounced higher and higher. It was fun bouncing on the bouncy castle. Next me VJ and Andy and Te Kapua played longball. Me and Te kapua were on batting. It was equal teams that means the teams have the same amount of players. Andy was cheating so then I said to Andy, “Stop cheating. I'm not playing. You are a cheater.” After that the pinata came out. It was fun smashing the pinata open. There was lots of lollies in the pinata. I thought it was fun. Later on I went back on the bouncy castle and played with the ball on the bouncy castle. I threw the ball so high that when I tried to catch I had to jump and then I fell on my stomach. It was sore. Finally we finished playing on the bouncy castle and the time was 12.09. We had fireworks at night time. It was splendid doing the fireworks. After that I said to my mum, “Can we go home please mum?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “Thank you mum.’’ Then my family and I went home.