Friday, July 27, 2018

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My Holiday

My Holidays

WALT: Write a recount of one specific moment during my school holidays.
  • A title
  • A orientation - Who, what, when, where, how, why
  • Fantastic language - time words, past tense, vivid verbs/vocabulary
  • Proofread/buddy checked my draft - punctuation, spelling and grammar.
  • A conclusion to wrap everything up.
  • A plan of the key points I will talk about.

My Plan: (10 mins)
At 90 Mile Beach.

Start here:
At 90 Mile Beach.

On Thursday afternoon my cousins and I went to 90 Mile beach with my aunty My auntys Name is Renee and my cousins names are Rewi,Tautari . We went to the beach because It was hot and we wanted to have a swim at the beach so off we went. As soon as we got to the beach we went to the changing rooms to get changed into our swiming clothes. When we were finished putting our clothes on we  slowly climbed down the rocks so we could go for a swim. As soon as we got onto the sand. The first thing my cousins did was ran band dived into the water and started swimming. I walked and I did not dive into the water I stood at the front of the beach instead of getting my whole body wet I only got my feet wet. After that I just sat on the sand and then suddenly I heard my name it was  my cousins calling out to me. My cousins were around the side they yelled out my name and I went to them they said. “Look we found a rock pool” I said “cool” and then my cousin said “ we even found a spa. I said “Were is it I want to see it and I want to feel it” I put my felt In there spa and It was not a spa because It was freezing cold well to me it was to my cousins it wasn’t my cousins liked it they said come  jump in its warm. They only thought it was warm because they were in a different pool. After that it started getting cold and it was getting windy so I said “ i'm Going To go Sit In the car” I fell a sleep in the car. When I woke up my cousins we already in the car as soon as we left. We were almost In the middle of town and then this man said “your bag is hanging out the door” and then My cousin opened his door and then we said “ Thank you” To the Man.