Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Speech 2017

Here I am delivering my speech at the Tautoro School Junior Speech competition.
The judges were marking me on showing confidence, good pace
and volume, speaking clearly, audience connection, use of gestures and timing.
I came 1st for the Year 4's.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Google Draw- Mother's Day Poster.

I am learning to create a poster with an important message and an image that 
supports the message.
This poster has an important message for my Mum.

A Portrait of my Mum..

I am learning to use lines, shapes, symmetry and position to create
a portrait of my Mum.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Recount Writing-At the park.

I am learning to write a recount about a great moment from my holiday.                 
                              At the Park.    
Yahoo! On a lovely sunny Saturday I went to the park with my cousin to play.
First me and my cousin played on the swing. It was exciting playing on the swing because we were going so high. Next me and my cousin played on the monkey bars. While we were playing on the monkey bars I said to my cousin, “Should we go on the slide?” She said, “Yes.” After that me and my cousin went on the slide. I thought I was going to get burnt then I hopped on the slide and raced down as quick as lightning. While I was going down I went swoosh swoosh on my back. It was as hot as a bottle boiling and the day was also as bright as the sun shining. Later on my cousin said, “Let's go on the swing again.” I said to my cousin, “Ok.” When we got to the swing more people started coming to the park and it was getting hotter. So then my cousin said to me, “Should we go for a drink?” I said, “Yes.” At last me and my cousin went for a drink at the water fountain at the park.
It was enjoyable at the park in Kaikohe.