Monday, April 9, 2018

Taku Akomanga


Tena koe. My name is Sally I am a Year 5 student in Room 5 at Tautoro School. I love learning at Tautoro school and learning with my class. Did you know that New Zealand is a very small country. My favourite subject would have to be Reading, Because you learn how to read with expression. I enjoy playing with my friends. In my spare time I like to play ki o rahi.

Ko Tautoro Te maunga.

Ko Punakitere te awa.

Ko Kereru te roto.

Ko Ngatokimatawhaoruate waka.

Ko Ngapuhi te Iwi

Ko Ngati Rangi Me Ngati Morewa Nga hapu

Ko Te Riingi Te marae.

Ko Sarah toku mama

Ko Danielle toku papa

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


3 Top tips



Friendship is when you show aroha to your teammates and you use the hoe of tikanga and you treat others like how you would like to be treated.

Friendship is when your always there for your friend and you say hi to someone and you wave so that they feel happy and joyful.  When you play with your friend you show respect to them as well, and friendship is used so that people will have lots of friends and they will be happy and they will be having fun. Also they will be showing respect to everybody in the school or at their own house

Friendship works like this you would show aroha to a friend and they will show aroha back to you. Like for an example there was a little boy getting bullied by bullies and then you go and show him some aroha and respect and ask him if he wants to play a game with you.To show friendship  you can play nicely together.

Friendship is important because you learn how to make friends and you learn how to show respect others and you will learn to show aroha to everybody. By then you will be a kind person and you will not be a bully.


Being a good sportsmanship.
Sportsmanship is using respect and being kind to the opposite team and listening to everybody. Also using teamwork on the sports field and the court.
Sportsmanship is all about having fun.
Being a good sportsperson means listening to the whole team and the Coach. Also showing respect to the opposite team and saying positive comments. Also it's not about winning it's about trying your best.
In conclusion I think that being a good sportsmanship means showing respect and using teamwork.

Also using the hoe aroha and using the hoe tumaia in your sports

Be a bucket filler

Being a bucket filler

Did you know that everyone in the whole wide world carries an invisible bucket everywhere they go? A bucket filler is a person that makes people very Happy and joyful.

One way of  being a bucket filler is be kind by playing nicely and if they are new you can show them where  everything is and I will show them the right thing. will smile at someone and say hello and wave. Bucket filling is used so people can feel joyful and not lonely, Bucket filling works when you are being respectful and not a bucket dipper when you dip in someone else’s bucket You don't fill your bucket you empty other people’s bucket and your own bucket.

In conclusion, Bucket filling is important because you can  make more friends and you will have a fill bucket, and people will be happy because you will be supporting them and when  you fill someone's bucket you and you are filling your own bucket.