Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Week 1 Of My Summer Learning Journey

Day 1 Of my  Summer learning journey.
Activity 1
Out of the 20 facts I read, here is my 3 facts

 1. Tane Mahuta is The Lord Of The Forest. 2. Tane Mahuta Is 51 Metres High
3. Tane Mahuta  Is The Biggest Kauri Tree

Activity 2.

My Hometown Is Kaikohe. The Special thing about  my town is our environment because In the environment we meet Taurus we also have amazing parks and beautiful Supermarkets We also Have an Community pool that people swim in almost everyday we also have an huge rugby field which is an community field It is called Lindvart Park I think That I live in a very special place because in some other places there is not as much things as there is here in Kaikohe.

Activity 3 

12 Tips

  • Never Share Password
  • Never Give personal information to Strangers
  • Never accept a friend request from a stranger
  • Keep a  Positive Footprint
  • Only send Photos to Family members not strangers
  • Never Trust Strangers
  • Never talk to Strangers
  • Keep your Personal Information of Social Media
  • Use Privacy Settings
  • Don't Overshare Your Personal Information.
  • No drinking or eating Around your Chromebook
  • And Last of all be Cybersmart.

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  1. Mōrena Sally,

    My name is Dani, I am one of the blog commenters here at the Summer Learning Journey. I work with Georgia who visited your school and Georgia E who is another blog commenter for the Kaikohekohe cluster. I actually grew up in Northland, on a massive cattle farm in Okaihau. I now live in Auckland so I could study to be a teacher but I love coming up to the family farm whenever I can.

    It’s great to see that you know so many facts about Tane Mahuta, Tino Pai. Do you know any facts about New Zealand? Here is a website that has quite a few facts about New Zealand:

    Do you have any favourite facts from this website? I think my favourite fact is that New Zealand is apart of the Pacific Rim of Fire. I find volcanoes very fascinating and I love going the Auckland Museum and seeing the volcano exhibit there.

    You are very lucky to have such a wonderful hometown. I know when the cycle trail was finished we had many tourists cycling through Okaihau as well. I have very fond memories of Lindvart Park as well. I played hockey there for ten years! We used to play on the grass then the hockey turf was built and we got to play on that. Do you play any sports at Lindvart Park?

    You seem be to a very cyber smart learner! I think you have lots of very important tips to stay smart online.

    Keep up the great mahi, I look forward to reading more of your blog posts soon!

    Blog ya later,